Tuesday, June 28, 2011

music malfunction...again!!!

this aint cool!! everytime i update my playlist on the side, a wordly song gets in there!! im glad i saw it today!! i think somethings wrong with the website. i click on one song and i get a different one!! well, i took that smelly wordly song out of my playlist!! no longer it will return!! atleast it better not.

Monday, June 27, 2011

guess what guys?

I HAVE A NEW IPAD 2 !!!!! its not really new. i had it like for three weeks. sorry i havnt posted in a while. last week, i went to camp in baton rouge!! i feel bad , though. i forgot wat it waz called. no pictures!! sorry , my camera died the first day!!! grunt....oh well. the memories are in my head. camp camp camp.. i cannot wait till next year. i have one thing to say, brother tony spell is an awesome preacher!! at camp there was an awesome move of God. we had shaving cream fights that led to bloody noses and broken ones. you know who u r bloody nose givers, we had cut feet, cleaning parties at 3 in the morning, we had talent shows with singers that seriously had to bring their messed up voices down to the riverside, we had cleanest dorm winners,(and losers,thats us), we had goodbyes, we had awesome food, (and awesome cooks) and we had fun!!! cannot wait till next year!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

A speacial request!!

this one post is a speacial request. since i havnt posted in a long time, i have decided to take that speacial request to heart. for this speacial request, i will write a story on the top of my head!!! are yall ready?

 this is my title: jumping the wrong fence(i think its creative)

"Annibell, get up! your paw's here to take you out to the feilds!!" my mother yelled at me while banging the vacume cleaner against my door. not the best way to wake up. "i be gettin up, ma. now shut up that obstreperous sound!!!" my brother was allready up and ready to go. he liked goin to the feilds with paw. i seriously hated it to the smelly core. i do have a wise reason for this, im a girl, ofcourse. my weary body slumped out of bed and lumbered over to my dresser. i looked in the mirror at my greyish eyes and sloppy looking hair. it seemed like all my clothes were cloned and all looked alike, smelled alike, and felt alike. i have allways wanted something new to wear. atleast a new detergent or something. i got dressed and headed out that moth eaten wood door.

 my brother khol, my paw, the old hound dog chuck, jack and chris(the two horses) and i headed down that dirt road toward the sunblazed feild. it was  atleast 100 degrees farenhite outside. after a couple of miles walking, the horses slowed down, the ol' hound dog dropped on the side of the road in the cool grass to rest, and paw, khol, and i sat on a white cow fence.i looked up at the sky, trying to see more, trying to see if i can see the galaxy. i cant believe the universe goes on and on and never ends. soon, we started again on our journey. only a mile more.

 finnaly, we reached that blasted field!! i could slightly see the sprouts of cabbage coming up from the soil of the earth. the corn was about as tall as paw now, hes six foot one. the corn was amazing me. like a show all by itself. yellows, greens, and reds filled the feild. such a gorgeous sight. the ripe tomatoes looked soooo juicy. nothing looked better. i imagined the corn buttered , on our table, with green peas, meat from the cow, and spiced tomatoes. the image never left my brain. my brother picked up a rake and started raking the land for any weeds. i picked up a watering can and started vigourusly watering the plants and picking corn. my paw was getting new soil ready on the other half of the feild, getting ready for the next crop season.  nothing better than working in the field on a hot, summer day. my ol' lazy hound lay by the horses, while the horses was swattin flies with their long brown tails.the harvest was put into baskets mama beutifully weaved and it was pleaced on a horse. much sucess i say!! we headed home, proud of our progress. my brother and i raced home, running in the door yellin,'' we got a whole, lotta food fer us, ,ma!! are u proud?" mama looked at us with her weary eyes, i could tell she didnt get a lot of sleep last night and while we were gone, she was working. our cheery selves quickly vanished, as if we knew what was wrong. i spotted an evict paper that said we either pay the land payment. we havent had a lot of money ever since paw lost his job as a blacksmith. we just didnt have the money to pay the property tax. if we didnt pay it soon, it said we would lose our farming land. all of our new crops were there, we couldnt just leave them there to wither and die! we did to much to that land! where would we grow crops? i was so sad. my paw would be even more sad cause thats his living. thats where we get all our food!! suddeny, khol moaned," noo!! mama, i dont wanna starve! i wanna keep the land! can we do something to pay it off?" suddenly, without thinking, i blurted," me and khol can get jobs in town. we will work till we get enough money." i sounded so serious i suprised myself! "but annibelle, yall two are extremely too young ! at that last word, a fine lookin man walked into the door without knockin, and said,''dont you worry ma'am, i'll take care a' errethang." he turned at me and said,' and yall chillens dont worry about gettin a job.you all's land will be taken care of in no time." his voice sounded so reassuring. im  sure everything was going to be allright. even maw looked a little relieved, even though we had no idea who that young feller' was. his sharp blue eyes looked like they were saying, dont worry, everthing's gonna be fine.

soooo........how was that random story? comment, i wanna know wat u think!!