Monday, January 31, 2011


well, here is my problem for all yall problem solvers. school is the worse place to go to ever. what website can you go to to homeschool yourself? i really want this because it i get in trouble a lot for going ahead without the class. also, it is very hard for me to pay attention with tons of kids in one small room. my oh so great brain came up with a way to solve that problem! homeschool myself. but i dont know how. HELP?

Friday, January 28, 2011


How are we so "different"?
If "different" is just a thing.
If we all have certain features,
What does "different" bring?

People filled with hatred,
Can't possibly see,
That there's not really "differences"
Between you and me.

Looks can't show "difference",
If they're just there to be seen.
If you don't look like someone else,
Why are they so mean?

If being "different" is what is wrong,
I'd rather not be right.
And I'd want to finish living,
Doing the "different" fight.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

you notice proof?

the gadget proof is how many people visited my blog. just if u are wondering, yes i do visit my own blog without logging in about 4 times a day now.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Speacial Thanks to Kenna !!!

Thank you mckenna, for helping me improve my blog by telling me about that awesome new improvement !!!( cute bunny,LOL

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


do you ever wonder why your teacher tells you or someone else to stop doing something but then they go and do it ? here is an example if you are obliviouse to what i am saying: your teacher tells a kid to stop yawning so loudly or else they will get a detention , he does it again and recieves a detention. a couple minutes later, the most loudest yawn human could here was bestowed in your sensitive ears, it was your teacher. your teacher thinks this is one of the advanteges of being a teacher. and no, i did not mean all those lovely homeschoolers . WARNING: THIS DID NOT HAPPEN IN ONE OF MY CLASSES, for those people who just might want to tell my teachers.

Monday, January 17, 2011

a little poem for "mlk" day

Of human ignorance I am almost in despair
For racism found everywhere
But like they say sheer ignorance is bliss
Just like Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss.

People carry their honour in a flag
And of their Nationality they brag
They feel superior and they differentiate
And against those who are different they discriminate.

So many people still judge by their race
For such there never ought to be a place
'A fair go' those untruthful words do i recall
There is no such a thing as a 'fair go for all'.

Though we live in a so called democracy
Of racism we never will be free
They judge you by where you come from and the colour of your skin
For many equality and respect seems impossible to win.

It's been awhile since the days of Martin Luther King
His name to it has a familiar ring
If against racism he did not choose to strive
Today the great man he would be alive.

So many holding the reins of power not spiritually aware
And racism is around me everywhere
And racism only leads to division and war
Just goes to show how ignorant we truly are.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am one of Mckenna's Aesomuss beatimuss Freinds!

this picture you are laying your eyes on is a picture of one of mckenna's awesomuss beatimuss freinds. This random girl has a hairstyle that obtains everything she needs in toiletry wise. She has her sponge ( seriously never used) her toothbrush, her soap, toilet paper,her toothpaste, her brush, and of course, her rave hairspray. note:the toothpaste is on the other side of the toilet paper .

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The follower to school (Dramatic)

"the walk."
my life...depended on this walk, to be whipped or not to be whipped. you see, my keeper, who controls me, or also my mother, demanded me to walk to school . Not to the bowling ally, not to the book store, but to school. this journey would take about a century, also noting it would be a trecherouse and dangerous walk. If I fail my mission, I will get lashed with a leather spiked belt that would be heated in a fiery furnace . The tricky thing is to get to school on time. I have to arrive in my deep dungeon like classroom controlled by an awful, deformed,appalling, evil teacher. My destination time should be 8am sharp. morning is here allready. I get drug out of bed by my keeper. my with's throaght aches, I stood up legs!....they made a stabbing feeling shoot up to my brain, wich triggered my pain. I took a step, I ,I couldn't continue! Before I realized it, i collapsed . In my head,Iwas thinking"how in this universe was I going to walk to school? I limped over to my clothes,( at least i could do that), wich was laid on a bucket in my moused sized room with a dirt floor.I smoothed my long, dirty blond hair and put it in a pony tail neatly. I accomplished everything else in a matter of 5 minutes.Then I was off. The gray and gloomy sky was cloaked by the massive weaping willows and oak trees that climbed to the clouds. My freind was tighty fitted into my schoolbag. Her name was stuffy because she was stuffed with , um, stuff. As i was limping in the crispy leaves on a muddy path, I heard something strange! It sounded like someone was following me ! As i was walking, i heard the leaves crunching. I started running , ignoring the harsh pain in my leg. The follower has started running to! With my heart nearly breaking skin in my chest from pounding, i started moaning. Not just from the fact of my leg, but I did not know who this follower was and wanted with me.I Barely saw anything with my teary eyes . The follower was still following me.Still at the same rate as me. Through all the tears and pain, I saw the old, rundown, school house with a promising look of secureness.When I got off the crunchy leaf path, I didn't hear the follower. Right when i arrived in the classroom , the peircing bell filled my ears. Yes! I....have accomplished my journey! Alas, the teacher stepped in the class with a look on her face that told everything. The look that means I'm in trouble. Why do I have to be allways right? With her curled, red, fingernail, she told me to step in to the dark, cold hallway. She pulled some papers out of her binder. a detention from the principal, i am in biggg trouble