Sunday, December 4, 2011


Well this is embarrasing..... ok so i am done with things round' the house, such as:fixing my bed, washing the dishes(our dish washer never worked!), washing the clothes,and cleaning my room. ok. so let me get to the embarrasing part. i decided i wanted to upload ALL the pics from my camera..and i wanted to post a few. i was first looking for some from the harvest party. i obviously did not take any.:(
then i looked for some for the thanksgiving. no pictures in that catergory either. then i thought, oh yeah! we had a christmas banquet last night! but wait, i didnt take any pictures.then the christmas in the oaks dawned on me. oh yeah, my camera died before we got there from extensive use in the van. my camera is fllled with pics of me and other people making dumb faces or just random photos. NO JOKE.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


hey ya'll!!!! what's up? i have decided to change my blog for the third time since i had it.... please comment on if you like it or maybe give some helpful tips to inprove my blog of any way,(anyway but telling me to shut it down(delete it))..anywho, i have obviously decided to express my true feelings about music. "alright captain obviouse, i would of never thought that! i was thinking you were trying to express your love of puppies or something!!" that's probably going through your head right make things a little clearer on why i have a picture of a saxaphone as my blog title background, i play the saxaphone...and LOVE it. 2012 makes my 4th year of playing this beauty of an instrument. never will i give up playing it. that, my friend , is a dedication i will allways keep to myself....:)

we meet again!!:)

Hello my fellow followers, ect.. i have not benn posting or visiting my blog for some ime now!1 the reason for this is one, my ipad is in fixing mode, the screen is getting fixed!1 for all you people who thougt i was nuts for dropping the thing twice, say no more!! im getting a brand new case that will somewhat help..:P yeah, thanksgiving has passed. now christmas is on its wonderful way!! (where does the time go???)i hope school goes by the fastest!! i just figured something out! i dont get the grades i should get because im not challenged. i look at this stuff as too easy for me so i dont really pay attention. a challenged person would strive to pay attention to the stuff thats really easy or really hard. i am going to pay attention in classes now and i'll see what happens to my grades...will they maracuasly go up,,or slowly go down??