Saturday, February 26, 2011

from 2009. baton rouge beta club trip

sorry, but i HAD to have a LITTLE fun with it,ok? if u didnt notice, i was in bobby jindal's desk at capital.

Friday, February 25, 2011

memories to not be remembered,

did you ever find a whole bunch of old stuff that is like, from first grade , like your stories? i did! here are a few-
 each one is a page.
 1. my favorite thing about school is mathwork.                                                                  
  2. my favorite color is red because the r and r starts with my name and i love my name!
  3. i am really happy when i have concentration.
  4.this year i want to learn about lightning. i heard it kills. favorite mammal is a monkey because i knows how to swing .
6. on the playground i like to jungle jim makes me mad when i have to wait.
 8. frogs are cool caus they can hop.
 9. my favorite sports are cricket. ( i dont even know what that is!!) best friend are alexis. we foot punch.( what???????)
 ready for my most stupid! - 11. it makes me laugh when i does fact families.
 12. i am smart because i have 5th grade book i does everyday.
 13. to night i have a sleep over. we make dead come alive. ( i dont why in the world i would say that! so dumb)
 14. just for fun, my friend and i play soccer with two trees. ( i never played soccer with friends,man i lied alot.)
 15.christopher culumbus was brave. ( no he wasn't, he wanted to feel better by prooving himself right!)
16. i am a good artist because i know how to draw rockstars.(  the picture was a no- neck square head with weird purple spikes with a small mouth.
17. in the summer i play soccer. i love it!!( i always hated soccer!!??)
 18.jonny applesead had ichy feet.( ??????)
 19. martin luther king jr. read alot of books. ( uhhh, how did i know this?)
 well, i might put the other ones later.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

sorry ,

listen, everyone! please forgive me for not posting since the 12th of february but of course, as a GOOD school girl , i have a lot of project and study time,( that i dont use). to get back to the point, i was working on one of my latest projects, it was assigned to me two months ago. i just finished it today. and yes, it is due tommorow. oh, and just if u havn't noticed i am a " last minute project do 'er. " man, i just thought about it! i have exams next week!!!awww. poor me. to much school!! bring down school!!! strike! strike!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

getting ready for a grand, well, packed out partae.

something is coming!!!!!! can you guess?no, not a train, nor a plane! Sha Nae Nae and Bubby's birthday celebration is!! oh, i cannot wait!  (well, i guess i can, cause i like sleeping. i know that doesnt make sense but so what.)tuesday is our accual birthday. so, if you want to send me a present, (just me) please do so.(just today he is my favorite cousin.)
here is my cake!!!
here is bubby's cake(on top of head)

yes, we do fight like two cats,but i still am forced to love him

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Read this letter to my freind

Dear sally,

Today I am visiting my dear aunt cally.
But yesterday she married mally
And she was very dally,
About her good ol' mallly
In the kitchen they sing and sing
It sounds like a wonderful thing
But then they spit in the food,
Wich I thought it was quite rude
And the dog runs aroound and is crued.
They have no pepper and salt,
It is not really their fualt,
they are both adults.
No, they do not know how to make choclate malts.
I do not want to go over there,
Even if I don't have to clean my underwear.
Love your dear freind ,
Shanaenae. I hope this does not affend

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Journey

"ring! ring!" the trains alarm was screeching that horrible noise. i looked down out the window to see the choppy waters along with my own images popping in my head. i imaged the train in the dark eerie depts of the sea. of course, i knew this alarm just meant to stay in your seat. no major issue. this journey was because of freedom. freedom from the hands of the Nazi soldiers in Germany. we were traveling 1000 miles to the boat to America . a strange place. our destination was new york. my family of 4 was very, well, scarce of money, just like everyone else. my sister, Lou, was an excellent violin player, also a sneaky one. she snuck some cash in the unvisible part of the case. you see, we had to give all our money to the men who boarded us.yep, every ounce. government orders.we also had to give them something else for our soon to be arriving new member of the family, joey.our mom was 9 1\2 months pregnant. i wonder when he was coming. we didn't have the money to go to the doctor to find out his due date. above the screeching alarms, i heard a familiar scream. my mothers!!! in a flash, i was by her side. she was giving birth to my new brother! everyone panicked . on top of that,i heard lightning strike somewhere near and the train bridge in front of us collapsed . we were still at full speed. no one was aware of the Bridge situation but i.