Sunday, December 4, 2011


Well this is embarrasing..... ok so i am done with things round' the house, such as:fixing my bed, washing the dishes(our dish washer never worked!), washing the clothes,and cleaning my room. ok. so let me get to the embarrasing part. i decided i wanted to upload ALL the pics from my camera..and i wanted to post a few. i was first looking for some from the harvest party. i obviously did not take any.:(
then i looked for some for the thanksgiving. no pictures in that catergory either. then i thought, oh yeah! we had a christmas banquet last night! but wait, i didnt take any pictures.then the christmas in the oaks dawned on me. oh yeah, my camera died before we got there from extensive use in the van. my camera is fllled with pics of me and other people making dumb faces or just random photos. NO JOKE.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


hey ya'll!!!! what's up? i have decided to change my blog for the third time since i had it.... please comment on if you like it or maybe give some helpful tips to inprove my blog of any way,(anyway but telling me to shut it down(delete it))..anywho, i have obviously decided to express my true feelings about music. "alright captain obviouse, i would of never thought that! i was thinking you were trying to express your love of puppies or something!!" that's probably going through your head right make things a little clearer on why i have a picture of a saxaphone as my blog title background, i play the saxaphone...and LOVE it. 2012 makes my 4th year of playing this beauty of an instrument. never will i give up playing it. that, my friend , is a dedication i will allways keep to myself....:)

we meet again!!:)

Hello my fellow followers, ect.. i have not benn posting or visiting my blog for some ime now!1 the reason for this is one, my ipad is in fixing mode, the screen is getting fixed!1 for all you people who thougt i was nuts for dropping the thing twice, say no more!! im getting a brand new case that will somewhat help..:P yeah, thanksgiving has passed. now christmas is on its wonderful way!! (where does the time go???)i hope school goes by the fastest!! i just figured something out! i dont get the grades i should get because im not challenged. i look at this stuff as too easy for me so i dont really pay attention. a challenged person would strive to pay attention to the stuff thats really easy or really hard. i am going to pay attention in classes now and i'll see what happens to my grades...will they maracuasly go up,,or slowly go down??

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Yeah, school has started.

Well, ur probably thinking right now how far behind I am with the dates right now, but the Internet has been down for quiet some time now. It finally got fixed!! So as I was saying, school started and I have been taking tests, sitting in classrooms for nine hours straight, listening to long boring speeches about the American revolution, and mostly, sleeping in class.I didn't say anything about paying attention; alas, I still get good test grades! I'm also in ADVANCED band. See the word advance? Yep, I play the saxophone!! Not to brag or anything... But urm.....guess who is first chair?? Not giving any names... Me!!! That's not a direct uhhm... As I was saying,carry your umbrellas wherever you go!!! Sorta raining a lot right now.........

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

everything skit

here is a skit i think my cousin's youthgroup did. i like it. comment on it. do u like it?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

music malfunction...again!!!

this aint cool!! everytime i update my playlist on the side, a wordly song gets in there!! im glad i saw it today!! i think somethings wrong with the website. i click on one song and i get a different one!! well, i took that smelly wordly song out of my playlist!! no longer it will return!! atleast it better not.

Monday, June 27, 2011

guess what guys?

I HAVE A NEW IPAD 2 !!!!! its not really new. i had it like for three weeks. sorry i havnt posted in a while. last week, i went to camp in baton rouge!! i feel bad , though. i forgot wat it waz called. no pictures!! sorry , my camera died the first day!!! grunt....oh well. the memories are in my head. camp camp camp.. i cannot wait till next year. i have one thing to say, brother tony spell is an awesome preacher!! at camp there was an awesome move of God. we had shaving cream fights that led to bloody noses and broken ones. you know who u r bloody nose givers, we had cut feet, cleaning parties at 3 in the morning, we had talent shows with singers that seriously had to bring their messed up voices down to the riverside, we had cleanest dorm winners,(and losers,thats us), we had goodbyes, we had awesome food, (and awesome cooks) and we had fun!!! cannot wait till next year!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

A speacial request!!

this one post is a speacial request. since i havnt posted in a long time, i have decided to take that speacial request to heart. for this speacial request, i will write a story on the top of my head!!! are yall ready?

 this is my title: jumping the wrong fence(i think its creative)

"Annibell, get up! your paw's here to take you out to the feilds!!" my mother yelled at me while banging the vacume cleaner against my door. not the best way to wake up. "i be gettin up, ma. now shut up that obstreperous sound!!!" my brother was allready up and ready to go. he liked goin to the feilds with paw. i seriously hated it to the smelly core. i do have a wise reason for this, im a girl, ofcourse. my weary body slumped out of bed and lumbered over to my dresser. i looked in the mirror at my greyish eyes and sloppy looking hair. it seemed like all my clothes were cloned and all looked alike, smelled alike, and felt alike. i have allways wanted something new to wear. atleast a new detergent or something. i got dressed and headed out that moth eaten wood door.

 my brother khol, my paw, the old hound dog chuck, jack and chris(the two horses) and i headed down that dirt road toward the sunblazed feild. it was  atleast 100 degrees farenhite outside. after a couple of miles walking, the horses slowed down, the ol' hound dog dropped on the side of the road in the cool grass to rest, and paw, khol, and i sat on a white cow fence.i looked up at the sky, trying to see more, trying to see if i can see the galaxy. i cant believe the universe goes on and on and never ends. soon, we started again on our journey. only a mile more.

 finnaly, we reached that blasted field!! i could slightly see the sprouts of cabbage coming up from the soil of the earth. the corn was about as tall as paw now, hes six foot one. the corn was amazing me. like a show all by itself. yellows, greens, and reds filled the feild. such a gorgeous sight. the ripe tomatoes looked soooo juicy. nothing looked better. i imagined the corn buttered , on our table, with green peas, meat from the cow, and spiced tomatoes. the image never left my brain. my brother picked up a rake and started raking the land for any weeds. i picked up a watering can and started vigourusly watering the plants and picking corn. my paw was getting new soil ready on the other half of the feild, getting ready for the next crop season.  nothing better than working in the field on a hot, summer day. my ol' lazy hound lay by the horses, while the horses was swattin flies with their long brown tails.the harvest was put into baskets mama beutifully weaved and it was pleaced on a horse. much sucess i say!! we headed home, proud of our progress. my brother and i raced home, running in the door yellin,'' we got a whole, lotta food fer us, ,ma!! are u proud?" mama looked at us with her weary eyes, i could tell she didnt get a lot of sleep last night and while we were gone, she was working. our cheery selves quickly vanished, as if we knew what was wrong. i spotted an evict paper that said we either pay the land payment. we havent had a lot of money ever since paw lost his job as a blacksmith. we just didnt have the money to pay the property tax. if we didnt pay it soon, it said we would lose our farming land. all of our new crops were there, we couldnt just leave them there to wither and die! we did to much to that land! where would we grow crops? i was so sad. my paw would be even more sad cause thats his living. thats where we get all our food!! suddeny, khol moaned," noo!! mama, i dont wanna starve! i wanna keep the land! can we do something to pay it off?" suddenly, without thinking, i blurted," me and khol can get jobs in town. we will work till we get enough money." i sounded so serious i suprised myself! "but annibelle, yall two are extremely too young ! at that last word, a fine lookin man walked into the door without knockin, and said,''dont you worry ma'am, i'll take care a' errethang." he turned at me and said,' and yall chillens dont worry about gettin a all's land will be taken care of in no time." his voice sounded so reassuring. im  sure everything was going to be allright. even maw looked a little relieved, even though we had no idea who that young feller' was. his sharp blue eyes looked like they were saying, dont worry, everthing's gonna be fine. was that random story? comment, i wanna know wat u think!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a favor for my enem.... i mean umm... friend!

guess what yall!! i got rid of that annoying anrold song!! some people are probably sooo happy right now but some people are like, hey! i told people at skool to look up this annoying blog and now its not annoying anymore!! well, i finnaly took the stand!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

boredom!! what i am right now!!


[bawr-duhm, bohr-] Show IPA
the state of being bored;  tedium; ennui.

1850–55; bore2  + -dom

dullness, doldrums, weariness.

excitement, diversion, amusement.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

pictures pictures pictures, what to do without them!!

greetin's folks, a couple of broad days ago i found this awesome photo editing thing and you need a webcam to use it. here are a couple of awesome pictures i took..... u really should try it out!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

oh happy day!!!

this song is the most awesomest song ive ever heard sung by a bunch of teenagers!! they are awesome!! youll get a big suprise at the end, youll see!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011



Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

wishes whishes wishes!!!

i have a desire to travel, to venture out in new places. i cannot live my whole life in a simple rundown town of mine( my mom says everyone in our town is smart(not), that's why they wave back when i wave to total strangers) when i grow up, i will be a nomad, traveling to new places. i would certainly love to settle in portland, oregan someday, witha huge family, snowskiing,hiking, alpining, stuff like that. i would love to own a farm one day somewhere in oregan, riding a horse with no worries, in that grassy, hilly, land with the sun shining brightly in my face. i would only go there when i feel like it, for i would live in beaverton by the church i love, with people i love. though those are only thoughts, dreams, but anything is possibal through christ. i sit here now, thinking and dreaming about this. sadly, i will have to wait. oh well. might as well make this part of my life the best of it. it doesnt last forever.....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

guess who's eyes!

contestant eye numba one, quite scurry.
 please comment on who's eye's who.
contestant eye numba 2

numba 3, uhh, a lil , uhhh , you know... hmmm. animal like eyeish?

numba 4

numba 5, hmmm, looks a lil on the dark side, dont you think?

numba 6, this looks familiar.

finnaly, numba 7, suprised

Friday, March 11, 2011


for all people who have playlists by wat i have, look here. i put the song i want to set the world on fire by britt nichole, i listened to it before i put it on there and everything, and now on my blog, i go to listen to it, it was a heavy hard metal rock song. please be careful on what u put on your playlists ya'll!

2011 japan devastating earhtquake

this major earthquake will be effecting around 50 countries with tsunamis since japan is in the pacific coast. i know the place i once dream of moving to, the pacific coast of oregan, is sounding alarms for people to seek higher ground. they have already recorded 6 ft in mowi ,hawiaii. please keep this natural disaster in your prayers.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

my favorite thing to do, draw!!

a tracing of my hand
no, it didnt look that big, it is just how i took pic

i guess she was very suprised!!
this is my awesome drawing book, where i draw in it, i think.
do you like obama? comment please on obama.
sorry, the horse has a broken leg, well it looks like it, i know
well, her hands look cool, a little bit.

Monday, March 7, 2011

awesome dresses!!!

i would like all these dresses, ofcourse with longsleeve undershirts. if u know me, i am very picky about dresses, i dont wear many! cant find any i like in my area!!

joke o rama time!!!!!!!!!!!

once a month, i will post some jokes on the jokes subject.. enjoy!!!!

What Day Is It?

“What’s the date today?” asked the blonde riding on the subway.
“I don’t know,” replied a fellow commuter. “You’ve got a newspaper in your hands … why don’t you look at the date on it?”
“Why, that won’t do any good,” the blonde huffed. “It’s yesterday’s paper!”.

Dead Dog

A man runs into the vet’s office carrying his dog, screaming for help. The vet rushes him back to an examination room and has him put his dog down on the examination table. The vet examines the still, limp body and after a few moments, tells the man that his dog, regrettably, is dead.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

from 2009. baton rouge beta club trip

sorry, but i HAD to have a LITTLE fun with it,ok? if u didnt notice, i was in bobby jindal's desk at capital.

Friday, February 25, 2011

memories to not be remembered,

did you ever find a whole bunch of old stuff that is like, from first grade , like your stories? i did! here are a few-
 each one is a page.
 1. my favorite thing about school is mathwork.                                                                  
  2. my favorite color is red because the r and r starts with my name and i love my name!
  3. i am really happy when i have concentration.
  4.this year i want to learn about lightning. i heard it kills. favorite mammal is a monkey because i knows how to swing .
6. on the playground i like to jungle jim makes me mad when i have to wait.
 8. frogs are cool caus they can hop.
 9. my favorite sports are cricket. ( i dont even know what that is!!) best friend are alexis. we foot punch.( what???????)
 ready for my most stupid! - 11. it makes me laugh when i does fact families.
 12. i am smart because i have 5th grade book i does everyday.
 13. to night i have a sleep over. we make dead come alive. ( i dont why in the world i would say that! so dumb)
 14. just for fun, my friend and i play soccer with two trees. ( i never played soccer with friends,man i lied alot.)
 15.christopher culumbus was brave. ( no he wasn't, he wanted to feel better by prooving himself right!)
16. i am a good artist because i know how to draw rockstars.(  the picture was a no- neck square head with weird purple spikes with a small mouth.
17. in the summer i play soccer. i love it!!( i always hated soccer!!??)
 18.jonny applesead had ichy feet.( ??????)
 19. martin luther king jr. read alot of books. ( uhhh, how did i know this?)
 well, i might put the other ones later.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

sorry ,

listen, everyone! please forgive me for not posting since the 12th of february but of course, as a GOOD school girl , i have a lot of project and study time,( that i dont use). to get back to the point, i was working on one of my latest projects, it was assigned to me two months ago. i just finished it today. and yes, it is due tommorow. oh, and just if u havn't noticed i am a " last minute project do 'er. " man, i just thought about it! i have exams next week!!!awww. poor me. to much school!! bring down school!!! strike! strike!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

getting ready for a grand, well, packed out partae.

something is coming!!!!!! can you guess?no, not a train, nor a plane! Sha Nae Nae and Bubby's birthday celebration is!! oh, i cannot wait!  (well, i guess i can, cause i like sleeping. i know that doesnt make sense but so what.)tuesday is our accual birthday. so, if you want to send me a present, (just me) please do so.(just today he is my favorite cousin.)
here is my cake!!!
here is bubby's cake(on top of head)

yes, we do fight like two cats,but i still am forced to love him

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Read this letter to my freind

Dear sally,

Today I am visiting my dear aunt cally.
But yesterday she married mally
And she was very dally,
About her good ol' mallly
In the kitchen they sing and sing
It sounds like a wonderful thing
But then they spit in the food,
Wich I thought it was quite rude
And the dog runs aroound and is crued.
They have no pepper and salt,
It is not really their fualt,
they are both adults.
No, they do not know how to make choclate malts.
I do not want to go over there,
Even if I don't have to clean my underwear.
Love your dear freind ,
Shanaenae. I hope this does not affend

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Journey

"ring! ring!" the trains alarm was screeching that horrible noise. i looked down out the window to see the choppy waters along with my own images popping in my head. i imaged the train in the dark eerie depts of the sea. of course, i knew this alarm just meant to stay in your seat. no major issue. this journey was because of freedom. freedom from the hands of the Nazi soldiers in Germany. we were traveling 1000 miles to the boat to America . a strange place. our destination was new york. my family of 4 was very, well, scarce of money, just like everyone else. my sister, Lou, was an excellent violin player, also a sneaky one. she snuck some cash in the unvisible part of the case. you see, we had to give all our money to the men who boarded us.yep, every ounce. government orders.we also had to give them something else for our soon to be arriving new member of the family, joey.our mom was 9 1\2 months pregnant. i wonder when he was coming. we didn't have the money to go to the doctor to find out his due date. above the screeching alarms, i heard a familiar scream. my mothers!!! in a flash, i was by her side. she was giving birth to my new brother! everyone panicked . on top of that,i heard lightning strike somewhere near and the train bridge in front of us collapsed . we were still at full speed. no one was aware of the Bridge situation but i.

Monday, January 31, 2011


well, here is my problem for all yall problem solvers. school is the worse place to go to ever. what website can you go to to homeschool yourself? i really want this because it i get in trouble a lot for going ahead without the class. also, it is very hard for me to pay attention with tons of kids in one small room. my oh so great brain came up with a way to solve that problem! homeschool myself. but i dont know how. HELP?

Friday, January 28, 2011


How are we so "different"?
If "different" is just a thing.
If we all have certain features,
What does "different" bring?

People filled with hatred,
Can't possibly see,
That there's not really "differences"
Between you and me.

Looks can't show "difference",
If they're just there to be seen.
If you don't look like someone else,
Why are they so mean?

If being "different" is what is wrong,
I'd rather not be right.
And I'd want to finish living,
Doing the "different" fight.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

you notice proof?

the gadget proof is how many people visited my blog. just if u are wondering, yes i do visit my own blog without logging in about 4 times a day now.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Speacial Thanks to Kenna !!!

Thank you mckenna, for helping me improve my blog by telling me about that awesome new improvement !!!( cute bunny,LOL

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


do you ever wonder why your teacher tells you or someone else to stop doing something but then they go and do it ? here is an example if you are obliviouse to what i am saying: your teacher tells a kid to stop yawning so loudly or else they will get a detention , he does it again and recieves a detention. a couple minutes later, the most loudest yawn human could here was bestowed in your sensitive ears, it was your teacher. your teacher thinks this is one of the advanteges of being a teacher. and no, i did not mean all those lovely homeschoolers . WARNING: THIS DID NOT HAPPEN IN ONE OF MY CLASSES, for those people who just might want to tell my teachers.

Monday, January 17, 2011

a little poem for "mlk" day

Of human ignorance I am almost in despair
For racism found everywhere
But like they say sheer ignorance is bliss
Just like Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss.

People carry their honour in a flag
And of their Nationality they brag
They feel superior and they differentiate
And against those who are different they discriminate.

So many people still judge by their race
For such there never ought to be a place
'A fair go' those untruthful words do i recall
There is no such a thing as a 'fair go for all'.

Though we live in a so called democracy
Of racism we never will be free
They judge you by where you come from and the colour of your skin
For many equality and respect seems impossible to win.

It's been awhile since the days of Martin Luther King
His name to it has a familiar ring
If against racism he did not choose to strive
Today the great man he would be alive.

So many holding the reins of power not spiritually aware
And racism is around me everywhere
And racism only leads to division and war
Just goes to show how ignorant we truly are.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am one of Mckenna's Aesomuss beatimuss Freinds!

this picture you are laying your eyes on is a picture of one of mckenna's awesomuss beatimuss freinds. This random girl has a hairstyle that obtains everything she needs in toiletry wise. She has her sponge ( seriously never used) her toothbrush, her soap, toilet paper,her toothpaste, her brush, and of course, her rave hairspray. note:the toothpaste is on the other side of the toilet paper .

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The follower to school (Dramatic)

"the walk."
my life...depended on this walk, to be whipped or not to be whipped. you see, my keeper, who controls me, or also my mother, demanded me to walk to school . Not to the bowling ally, not to the book store, but to school. this journey would take about a century, also noting it would be a trecherouse and dangerous walk. If I fail my mission, I will get lashed with a leather spiked belt that would be heated in a fiery furnace . The tricky thing is to get to school on time. I have to arrive in my deep dungeon like classroom controlled by an awful, deformed,appalling, evil teacher. My destination time should be 8am sharp. morning is here allready. I get drug out of bed by my keeper. my with's throaght aches, I stood up legs!....they made a stabbing feeling shoot up to my brain, wich triggered my pain. I took a step, I ,I couldn't continue! Before I realized it, i collapsed . In my head,Iwas thinking"how in this universe was I going to walk to school? I limped over to my clothes,( at least i could do that), wich was laid on a bucket in my moused sized room with a dirt floor.I smoothed my long, dirty blond hair and put it in a pony tail neatly. I accomplished everything else in a matter of 5 minutes.Then I was off. The gray and gloomy sky was cloaked by the massive weaping willows and oak trees that climbed to the clouds. My freind was tighty fitted into my schoolbag. Her name was stuffy because she was stuffed with , um, stuff. As i was limping in the crispy leaves on a muddy path, I heard something strange! It sounded like someone was following me ! As i was walking, i heard the leaves crunching. I started running , ignoring the harsh pain in my leg. The follower has started running to! With my heart nearly breaking skin in my chest from pounding, i started moaning. Not just from the fact of my leg, but I did not know who this follower was and wanted with me.I Barely saw anything with my teary eyes . The follower was still following me.Still at the same rate as me. Through all the tears and pain, I saw the old, rundown, school house with a promising look of secureness.When I got off the crunchy leaf path, I didn't hear the follower. Right when i arrived in the classroom , the peircing bell filled my ears. Yes! I....have accomplished my journey! Alas, the teacher stepped in the class with a look on her face that told everything. The look that means I'm in trouble. Why do I have to be allways right? With her curled, red, fingernail, she told me to step in to the dark, cold hallway. She pulled some papers out of her binder. a detention from the principal, i am in biggg trouble