Monday, January 23, 2012

Wow... That was fast!! (too fast)

I finished my poem!! The directions was to make a concrete poem . If u don't know wat that is.. Look it up. The finished product says-
Listen to music
See how it flows from your head down to your toes.
Music is what makes us move,
What makes us sing,
What makes us groove.
With a crash of a cymbal,
With a strum of a guitar,
You can hear it wherever you are.
Music is my life,
It ends my heart ache, pain, and strife.
I feel the rhythm,
Tapping with the beat,
Just can't help but to move my feet.
From every bar line,
To every rest,
I think music is the absolute best.
(by shanaenae!!)
Here are some pics.
It took some time making the poem, involved a lot of doodling, other stuff. As u can see in the second/third/fourth pic.fifth picture is the finished product:)

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